At Northstar Truck Wash we strive to give more than 100% and we guarantee your experience with our truck wash will be one to remember. Here’s what people have to say about their experiences:

“Done a great a job so far, we’ve been going there for 3 years now and very pleased with the end product. They do an excellent job of cleaning the inside and outside of the truck and am very pleased.”
– Fred Kuehl from Kuehl Farms in Glyndon, MN

"My name is Dave Irmen and I haul swinging loads of Bison and Black Angus Beef, 5 to 7 times a week. The washout done at Northstar Truck Wash is excellent! There is a lot of blood and fat from the animals on the walls and floor and when their done with the washout it is very clean. They go out of their way to get you in and out as fast as possible. Whenever the time day or night, the staff is very friendly and does a great job. I would give this business a 5 star rating. Keep up the good work and happy to business with you. Thank you Dave"
– Dave Irmen, North American Bison Cooperation from New Rockford, ND

"I started in the trucking industry in 1983 as a driver running a 3 state area then in 1985 I began running nation wide did my washing at several locations and I have not found a better truck wash in any area.
When I stop over at North Star they treat me with respect and listen to any issues that I may have, they listen and then they talk to the washing personal and discuss what needs to be done to correct the issues that I see with the washing.
With any truck wash waiting may become an issue but companies need to understand that if you want a good wash it takes time. Since our company has started washing at this location we receive compliments on our fleet how nice it looks going down the road and at the customers that we deliver to they seem to like how clean it looks which is important when delivering food to restaurants. So far very happy with the work they do for us."

- Mike Elliott, Sysco North Dakota, Inc., Fargo, ND



“Shine with the Star!!!”

Northstar Truck Wash
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